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Long Herbal Sex – Promotes libido or sexual energy. Increase the resistance and sexual virility.
30 Capsules

Alfa Vitamins’ Long Herbal Sex is a formula to benefit male sexual health. Thousands of men are enjoying renewed pleasure in sex with the consumption of herbal-based nutritional supplements. Our formula, taken in the right way, can restore and amplify certain bodily processes involved with the sexual system of man, in a natural way and without unpleasant side effects In addition. We have taken into account not only to develop a product to improve sexual relationships but also to improve general wellbeing.

To improve your sexual performance, Long Herbal Sex includes ingredients from plant extracts that improve performance, pleasure, strength and feeling. The main advantage with Long Herbal Sex is that it has no side effects. Its main objective is to achieve an increase in both size and thickness. The demand is increasing day by day as more men prefer these natural products over pharmaceutical products that while having a faster impact, also have side effects in the short or long term.

Why does the herb-based nutritional supplement Long Herbal Sex help you experience a renewed sex?

Long Herbal Sex contains a selection of herbs that have a long tradition in natural medicine for the treatment of male sexual health. They include Siberian Ginseng, Guarana, Maca, Ginkgo Biloba, Yohimbe, Muira Puama, Damiana, Bee Propolis, Oat Straw, Catuaba, Cayenne and L-Carnitine. All have been successfully used to enhance sexual performance.

Long Herbal Sex as a food supplement formed with a combination of carefully selected herbs that provide a healthy sexual lifestyle, is the elixir of life. It can help improve erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, increases endurance and sexual virility, promotes libido or sexual desire, improves testosterone levels, increases the size and thickness of the penis, maintains erections, improves mental clarity developing confidence in your sex life. Long Herbal Sex is a natural way to increase blood flow to the male member so that it becomes thicker and larger with a complete and lasting erection. Long Herbal Sex is a powerful natural sexual tonic.

No matter your age, either 20 or 70, Long Herbal Sex as a food supplement will provide you with great benefits to your sexual health and without side effects in general. The main objective is to support the rehabilitation of the natural functions of the body and its mechanisms. This can be accomplished by acting as a tonic to help regulate, transform, and release anything that might influence us in not achieving a full sex life. The use of medicine herbs is definitely a safer alternative to revitalize and enhance sexual performance!

It is imperative a daily exercise, even just a few minutes, to live a healthier life, and of course, a reasonable diet. Physical exercise helps us release stress, activate blood and lymphatic circulation, helps activate muscles and organs which need of a very subtle harmony to keep our bodies healthy and in perfect order.

Exercise, by itself, is a natural tonic that combined with a well-balanced diet, can bring surprising results at all levels of our daily lives. We recommended to quit smoking, drinking alcohol with moderation, take prescribed medication only when strictly necessary, avoid the use of recreational drugs, and strive for a balance of equality between work, rest and play.

Sexual relations are, in themselves, one of the most comprehensive exercises that we can perform with unparalleled curative effects. All our bodily and mental functions blend into a harmonious whole called health.

Alfa Vitamins is proposing a formula that will help you get the sex balance you want. You will be able to verify the short and long term benefits to your health it represents. Your sexual life renovation is in your hands, enjoy it!

Possible healing effects:

• May help relieve erectile dysfunction.
• Helps control premature ejaculation.
• Helps increase the resistance and sexual virility.
• Promotes libido or sexual energy.
• May activate the production of testosterone.
• Increases blood flow to the penis, elongating it and thickening it.
• Improves the quality of erections.
• Could increase your confidence in your sex life.

Technology Sex Men

Help with sexual desire. Increases energy and alleviate the symptoms due to enlarged prostate.

Technology Sex Men is an aphrodisiac complex for sexual stability. This formula has four components that helps sexual desire.
Today’s worries that come from stress, time and economy has many couples going through difficult times and it is putting a heavy burden on their sexual relationships. Technology Sex Men has been designed to help alleviate this concern. By combining four herbs like Damiana, Ginkgo Biloba, Guarana Extract, Bee Pollen, Niamicida(vitamin B) and Muira Puama.

Possible benefits:

• Help with sexual desire.
• Increases energy.
• Stimulates Fertility.
• Alleviate the symptoms due to enlarged prostate.
• Promotes general well being.

Technology Sex Men is one of the great products of the Technology Sex Solution for Men Kit.

Durasex Sex Oil Sex Oil is a combination of Maca extract and Cinnamon, both known for their aphrodisiac properties.

In addition, Dura sex oil has Menthol, to produce a warm refreshing sensation to complement the effects of the other ingredients.

Dura Sex Oil has two functions: to stimulate sexual desire and to help men increase the duration of the sexual act.

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